I have recently been messing around with the Dark Multiplayer mod for Kerbal Space Program and it's a blast being able to play KSP with my friends, flying rockets/planes at one another.

And of course other mischievous things that Kerbal Space Program makes possible.

My only complaint is the icon on the server file is absolutely drab; just a generic "program" icon. It's ugly.

So I took this matter into my own hands, and created an icon that I feel represents it perfectly.

The Result

I'm actually happy with the result that I got, I just took the standard Kerbal Space Program icon, and added two more Kerbonauts to the icon, multiplayer.

I like it because it's easy to tell the difference between the shortcut to the server, and the shortcut to Kerbal Space Program that sit on my desktop.

Even if the labels are different, I think an icon definitely helps, and beats the default icon ten-fold.

Getting the Icon


If you wish to use the icon, go ahead. The icon comes in a zip folder, here is the folder structure (in case you were wanting it for some strange reason):

	- KSP_Mutliplayer.ico (the ico file that contains all sizes)
	- Sizes
		- 16.ico (16x16 icon)
		- 24.ico (24x24 icon)
		- 32.ico (32x32 icon)
		- 64.ico (64x64 icon)
		- 96.ico (96x96 icon)
		- 128.ico (128x128 icon)
		- 192.ico (192x192 icon)
		- 256.ico (256x256 icon)
		- 192.jpg (Just got left in here)
		- 256.jpg (Also got left in here)