Michael Rouse


My name is Michael Rouse. I am a passionate programmer, web developer, Radio Control lover, and Computer Science student.

Solar Car Team

My role on the Missouri S&T Solar Car Team is to research, design, and develop the telemetry system used to gather real-time data from the car.

Energy gathered from the solar panels is very valuable, this presents a challenge when you need to transmit data. Since the Sun won't always be shining, the telemetry system has to be extremely low-power but still be able to effectively transmit data.

Along with assisting in the hardware to transmit and receive telemetry, I lead a small team in designing and developing software which allows for viewing what is happening in the car in real-time.
This includes storing incoming data to be processed later to better understand how the car performs in certain scenarios.


Some personal projects

Daphne Go
Daphne is a portable static website generator designed to be similar to Jekyll.
Designed to be a learning experience as one of my first parsers, it quickly grew into a somewhat complete tool.
Not nearly as intricate as Jekyll, but it was used to produce this website.
Go Make Go
A small, make-like build tool designed to run on Windows.
Emojify.js JavaScript
A simple, and small, library that allows for easy use of unicode emojis anywhere in a web page. This is used on this web page for a random emoji in the footer.
Rocket Simulator C#, TypeScript
An internship project at KnowledgeLake to get practice using technologies they use such as TypeScript, Knockout.js, and C# Web Apps.
JS Card Scanner JavaScript
Allows for websites to easily handle hardware card/barcode/etc... scanners that simulate keyboards. Created and used for a school project.
Typewriter.js JavaScript
A little project I created for no reason. Allows for easy typewriter effects on webpages.
RC Weiner Rover Buyer AutoIt
An AutoIt script I wrote to automatically monitor @oscarmayer on Twitter for them to post one of their RC Wiener Rovers.
Arduino Altimeter Arduino, Processing
An altimeter I created for use in my high powered rockets. The Arduino logs data from launch to landing, then is able to graph the data when hooked up to a computer using a Processing application.
Duck Hunt Python
A twist on the classic game Duck Hunt. Hit as many birds as possible in one minute.