Michael Rouse

I Sneezed 335 Times in 2016

After seeing someone on /r/InternetIsBeautiful post a link to a blog that someone used to track their sneezes, I decided to track my sneezes over 2016.

That was late December 2015. I quickly create a basic website that I could access from anywhere that would quickly log sneezed into a database, saving the month, day, and timestamp along with it.

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Choosing a Database for Solar Car Telemetry Data

This post was originally published on the Missouri S&T Solar Car team blog

For our previous car (Solar Miner) I rewrote and redesigned the telemetry software that was used in support vehicles for viewing data coming from the car. It worked well, and gave us all the information we needed at the time, but it suffered in some areas. One of these was that data was never stored anywhere except a plain-text log file, which proved slow and unreliable. With this in mind, our new telemetry system will store information in a database for further review.

This post is a discussion of data gathered during week long tests performed on two popular database systems.
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My Arduino Altimeter

If I am passionate about anything in life, it's rockets and Arduinos. The two have provided me with endless fun, and endless learning. And I finally purchased the parts necessary to combine my two passions: an Arduino Altimeter.

I had thought about just purchasing an altimeter, but that's boring. I wanted to put time, and thought, into creating something that I could use almost on a daily basis. And I had been doing some research and there were a couple great tutorials online about this that I could fall back on. Specifically, this Instructables article by qubist, and I got most of my inspiration from ALTDuino.

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Here Is My KSP Multiplayer Icon

I have recently been messing around with the Dark Multiplayer mod for Kerbal Space Program and it's a blast being able to play KSP with my friends, flying rockets/planes at one another.

And of course other mischievous things that Kerbal Space Program makes possible.

My only complaint is the icon on the server file is absolutely drab; just a generic "program" icon. It's ugly.

So I took this matter into my own hands, and created an icon that I feel represents it perfectly.

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Calculate Pi using Python

In honor of Pi day (3/14/15 = 3.1415) I’ve decided to show people a simple program that will calculate the value of pi using Python.
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Arduino Keypad Door Lock

As a freshman in college I seemed to have trouble locking my keys in my room.

Because of this, I feared that I would do it late at night when the front desk would be closed and I wouldn't be able to get my spare key.

The solution to my problem was with my Arduino, a keypad from eBay, and a servo motor.

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You're Commenting Wrong

The one thing that I have never stopped hearing in my programming classes, even upper level ones, is something along the lines of:

I was adding comments to my program…

Countless numbers of the people I have helped with programming do not add comments while they’re actually writing the code.

Instead, for some reason, they have learned that going back through your program and adding comments once it’s done, is acceptable.

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Things I Wish Cortana Could Do

If any of you know me then you should also know that I love Windows Phone. I have been using it for a couple years now and I'm absolutely in love with the platform.

I wouldn't trade my Windows Phone for anything.

And the same goes for Cortana, she has learned about me, and improved my schedule ten-fold since she was released. She is incredibly powerful and continues to grow every day, but there are still some basic things that I think she should be able to do.

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