If any of you know me then you should also know that I love Windows Phone. I have been using it for a couple years now and I'm absolutely in love with the platform.

I wouldn't trade my Windows Phone for anything.

And the same goes for Cortana, she has learned about me, and improved my schedule ten-fold since she was released. She is incredibly powerful and continues to grow every day, but there are still some basic things that I think she should be able to do.

One-Time Use Alarms

One of the most useful features that I use on a daily basis is Cortana's ability to create a alarms whenever you tell her something like:

Wake me up in 35 minutes.

This command will create an alarm to go off in the x amount of time you specified.

The thing that I really wish would happen is these alarms would auto-delete themselves after you dismiss them.

Since these alarms are set as a one-time use, they will only go off once and then just sit there unused until you manually delete them.

I think that having these auto-delete would be more like having an actual personal assistance because you don't have to manually remove the alarms.

And a personalized message from Cortana would be cool too. Something like:

It's time to wake up, Michael.

Or for a reminder event:

It's time to change your laundry, Michael.

Maybe she could even say the message (along with the toast) and then play the alarm music.

But, that would just be a plus, I still I think it's pretty simple for the alarms to automatically remove themselves. Having to go back through and remove my one-time use alarms is incredibly annoying.

Reminder/Event Title Manipulation

This goes right alongside the reminders I just discussed.

If I were to tell Cortana:

Remind me tomorrow at three pm to call my mother.

She would create an event for me tomorrow at 3pm with the title "Call my mother."

While this isn't a huge issue, I would still really like this to feel more like an actual assistant by creating a calendar event called "Call your mother." and learn to manipulate the titles to change any "my"s into yours.