After seeing someone on /r/InternetIsBeautiful post a link to a blog that someone used to track their sneezes, I decided to track my sneezes over 2016.

That was late December 2015. I quickly create a basic website that I could access from anywhere that would quickly log sneezed into a database, saving the month, day, and timestamp along with it.

Through 2016, I can recall two times that I was not with my phone when I sneezed. One time I simply borrowed a friend’s phone while sitting at Sonic waiting for half-priced shakes. The other, I marked the back of my hand with a tally mark so I would not forget.

Below are some charts I made using the data gathered over the year.

Here is the month of August, when I sneezed the most:

Then Monday March 28th, the day I sneezed the most (8 total):

Now, graphs that show each individual sneeze: (I apologize for the sudden change in coloring on the charts…)

Some Thoughts

Going into 2016, I didn’t know what to expect. Now, looking back, I think 335 is a reasonable number, seeing as I do not suffer from allergies. Let’s have some fun with this though:

I only sneezed 216 days out of the year, leaving 149 days that I did not sneeze.

Assuming the average sneeze takes 10 seconds (build up, sneeze, and recovery), then I spent 55.83 minutes of 2016 sneezing… Not including sneezes that had a build up but never happened (I will be tracking these in 2017 along with sneezes).

While 55.83 minutes might seem like a lot, it is only 0.12% of the entire year. A year well spent, I’d say.

For Nerds

If you are interested in the raw data, it can be downloaded here in CSV form.