Michael Rouse


Some personal projects

Donkey Kong Python
A class project that was voted Best Project of the semester.
Two players can battle against Donkey Kong as Mario and Luigi, or verses mode allows for one player to play as Donkey Kong.
But watch out, several new barrel types put Mario and Luigi in grave danger, including explosive and slime barrels.
Time Slime C
A library that allows for a custom time sheet program.
This project began when I needed to begin tracking hours worked while away at school.
Daphne Go
A portable static website generator designed to be similar to Jekyll.
Designed to be a learning experience as one of my first parsers, it quickly grew into a somewhat complete tool.
Not nearly as intricate as Jekyll, but it is used to produce this website.
Go Make Go
A small, make-like build tool designed to run on Windows.
Emojify.js JavaScript
A simple, and small, library that allows for easy use of unicode emojis anywhere in a web page. This is used on this web page for a random emoji in the footer.
Rocket Simulator C#, TypeScript
An internship project at KnowledgeLake to get practice using technologies they use such as TypeScript, Knockout.js, and C# Web Apps.
JS Card Scanner JavaScript
Allows for websites to easily handle hardware card/barcode/etc... scanners that simulate keyboards. Created and used for a school project.
Typewriter.js JavaScript
A little project I created for no reason. Allows for easy typewriter effects on webpages.
RC Weiner Rover Buyer AutoIt
An AutoIt script I wrote to automatically monitor @oscarmayer on Twitter for them to post one of their RC Wiener Rovers.
Arduino Altimeter Arduino, Processing
An altimeter I created for use in my high powered rockets. The Arduino logs data from launch to landing, then is able to graph the data when hooked up to a computer using a Processing application.
Duck Hunt Python
A twist on the classic game Duck Hunt. Hit as many birds as possible in one minute.